Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 4 Morning: San Gimignano

After a good night's sleep, we boarded the bus for a short ride to the ancient village of San Gimignano (Jim in YA no).

It was a beautiful day with temps in the nineties but not too humid. The sky was blue but hazy in the distance so in some of the pictures it looks cloudy. It wasn't. I don't think we saw a cloud all week.

Marisa (Ma REE sa) (We all had a hard time pronouncing that middle syllable with a rolling R but it was so pretty when we heard other Italians doing it.) suggested we get gelato from her favorite shop. They had the most unique flavors. I chose blackberry lavender. So refreshing and not too sweet (I'm not big on sweets). So, this was a welcomed cool down.

Window shopping was fun. Just look at these mysterious meats!

I guess they wanted to prove the wine was aged!

The sweetest children's clothing. Made me wish Kylie was little, again!

Narrow streets, old stone buildings, outdoor cafes. It was like stepping into the middle ages and I loved every minute of it.

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Cindy said...

It seems as if there is nothing like antiquity to make oneself feel very small and I LOVE IT! It is a beautiful reminder of the circle of life.

Lisa said...

The countryside must have been breathtaking!! I could spend all day in those shops and street markets.