Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 1

This should have been a warning.

See that fire truck? We were waiting to take off from Logan when we smelled something burning. Immediately, fire trucks surrounded our plane. 

We waited. And waited. Then it was announced that everything was fine. We took off.


Then the pilot came on to announce that the landing gear wouldn't retract so we were heading back to Boston. But first we had to circle awhile to unload some fuel.

Dottie took this photo of me. I look fairly unconcerned, don't I?


The pilot came back on announcing that we were diverting to JFK, instead.

Once there, we collected our luggage then stood in line for over two hours to get rebooked. The best they could do is tonight at 9:40. Not great but, at least, we should get to Rome in time to meet our tour group for the bus ride to Tuscany.

Then we stood in line, again, for another hour to get our hotel vouchers.

Then a line to get on the hotel shuttle.

And another one to check into the hotel. While standing there, I glanced around and noticed the name of the cafe: Tuscany!

So, we did make it to Tuscany, after all!

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Lisa said...

Wow! and Wow! is all I can say. What a start. Here's hoping that is all the calamity you will face. Looking forward to following along the rest of the trip!

Cindy said...

Same thing happened to us on our trip to LA. We waited for over an hour on the plane while pilot kept announcing not to worry, engineers were working on the problem. Sure enough we all had to unload and rebook. Well, better safe than sorry I always say!!!!

Regina said...

you have paid your dues, now have a great trip my friend!