Friday, June 1, 2012

Lobster Feed

We are getting settled into our summer home.
Feels good to be here.

Last weekend our kids came to visit and we had a lobster feed.

Kylie and I went to the playground and she had fun swinging
while Grammy snapped some pictures

hoping to catch some bokeh.

Uncle Nay
and Danielle had fun watching her scamper around.

I finally was able to hop on my bike this week and pedal to the beach.  One day it was so foggy.

And the next was crystal clear.

I spied these wild irises growing in the middle of the dune grass.

Kylie's dog bite is healing nicely.  The doctor is very pleased with it and says the red will slowly fade.

Nothing can spoil her beauty, anyway! 

1 comment:

Cindy said...

You are certainly right about nothing being able to spoil that girl's beauty. That scar will go away completely in time. Both the foggy day and the crystal clear day were beautiful to me. That water looks icey blue!