Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been crazy fun around here. Erin and Kylie came down and my friend, Deirdre, and her two kids, Tori and Ryan, are visiting.

Here are the bunch of us after we ate on the pier. Left to right: Tori; my niece, Michelle; Kylie; Erin; my sister, Sally; me; Ryan; and Deirdre.

The kids had a blast riding around on Michelle's golf cart. Erin had to leave Friday night and we are all missing her and Kylie!

Today, we took a hike to Cascade Falls. Well, it was more of a stroll. The trail is nicely maintained and easy to walk on.

Here's Ryan approving of our adventure. It was really pretty and we had fun scrambling around on the rocks.

The girls had a good time, too, and they didn't even text the whole time!

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Cindy said...

That does look like loads of fun and what a beautiful hiking trail.