Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm taking an online photography course called The Art of Composition.

This week's assignment is to shoot square pictures and Tracey Clark, our instructor, suggested we download Instagram for our phones.

So, I did.  
What fun!

Each day of this eleventh week of the course we have to shoot a different scene in a square. 

Thursday: A Square in a Square
Yes, these are my veiny feet with the second toe longer than my big toe!

Friday: A Circle in a Square
This is kind of abstract.  We were at The Home Depot and I had to wait while my husband was ordering materials so I walked around looking for circles.  I liked this picture best.  The yellow circle is the top of a metal bar that was holding in 2x4s.

Saturday: Negative Space in a Circle
I was hoping for a spectacular sunset since we've had one just about every night in the month and a half we've been in Florida but, of course, no luck!  Instead, we ended up with this brooding sky.

Sunday: Lines in a Square
This is the reason we went to The Home Depot.  We are enclosing the underneath of our new stilt house.  Gary is so talented when it comes to stuff like this even though he's never been a carpenter. I'm his helper.  Anyway, I deliberately blurred the edges and set the focus on the ladder.  I'm not even sure why but I kind of like the result.  There is just something about the lines and shape of the ladder that pleases me.

There are three more days.  We have to do shadows, color, and a self-portrait.  I'm not crazy about that self-portrait one!  But I'll be back with my results.

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Cindy said...

I react like a vampire when a camera comes out. I hate pictures of myself! I feel your pain when it comes to the self portrait but I am sure it will be beautiful just like these are!