Monday, December 26, 2011

Fashion Show

Kylie got some new clothes for Christmas.
While waiting for our baby back ribs to cook, we asked her to model them.
At first she was all shy.

But it didn't take her long to get into the swing of it.

Even her new PJs had a turn.

I tried to find outfits that would be appropriate for cold New Hampshire when she returns home. 
Not an easy task in sunny Florida! 

This will be good for Florida without the leggings but fine for NH with them and a white turtleneck.

Definitely for NH.  My daughter said she needs jeans but, as you can see from her expression, she much prefers girly, frilly dresses.

This is so her!

This is actually the skirt

to this little peasant outfit.

And, finally, this ensemble was a birthday gift from her cousin Michelle last week.  She wore it all day yesterday but mostly without the sweather since it was in the 80s. The hot pink (her favorite color!) camisole underneath is trimmed in lace.


Cindy said...

They are all beautiful. I especially love how she rocks the skirt as a dress. Plus the Hello Kitty pjs are off the hook!

Daichi said...

Beautiful girl.

Lisa said...

I love how Kylie turned super model by the end of the post!