Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon

I had fun taking pictures of the moon as it rose tonight.

It was right in the cleft between two mountains.

I tried different settings and different angles.

"When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain..."
I thought of my grandfather tonight; he always sang this song after a couple beers (or more!) when we were at camp at Silver Lake back in the 60s.


Lisa said...

The moon hasn't risen here yet, but we intend to be looking for it. I'll post pictures if I get any good ones.

Anonymous said...

Linda~Your pictures of the "moon rise" are excellent! Love your memory of your grandfather singing. I thought of Kate Smith right away! Also, great sugar house photo!

Cindy said...

That moon did not disappoint. It is still awesomely bright. However, when it was rising, it was so big and beautiful. I love the moon so much!