Saturday, March 26, 2011


We started this puzzle about a month ago.  It was so hard!  We found it in the cellar still wrapped in cellophane.  Someone must have given it to my mom but she had enough sense not to get started on it!  But we persevered and I finished it this morning.  Now we can have our dining room table back.


Anonymous said...

Get some puzzle glue and then give it to Kylie! It's very colorful and cheery!

Lisa said...

We have a tradition at our house of breaking out a big ol' puzzle during the Christmas holidays.

jocodeane said...

I so enjoyed reading through some of your 365 project of last year. I feel I have got to know you a little :-)

And yesterday's beach pictures are wonderful. Those waves look like a painting.

Cindy said...

I enjoy doing puzzles, the harder the better. I am working on one almost neverendingly.