Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Trip to Pick Kylie Up

It was gorgeous but 14 degrees below zero this morning when we were on our way to pick Kylie up.  This is Mt. Washington in back of a car dealership.
Then we pulled into McDonald's and I saw these massive icicles. 

I tried the new oatmeal they have and it was delicious!

This is a replica of the famous Jackson covered bridge.  It's right near it on the golf course/X-country skiing area.
And when we got home, Kylie had fun fingerpainting in my journal. 

She got a hair cut this week!  It's shoulder length and so cute but it makes her look older.  I don't like that!  I just want to put her in a capsule and preserve her the way she is right now.  So perfect!

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Cindy said...

Jackson, NH, what an historic place. Those red, covered bridges are so beautiful. Wow! It looks so very cold there and it is!