Monday, October 18, 2010

Nude in the Sunlight

A couple years ago I had my poetry-writing students make altered books.  They painted and collaged and added a poem to each page.  I did it with them and this is one of the pages I did.

Nude in the Sunlight

We escaped
from our work
and slipped away
to these woods
to make love
in the sunshine

then he asked
if he could paint
me sitting
in the glow,
as natural
as the air
swirling around
the leaves
and my breasts.

I pulled my shirt
up to cover
part of me
because no man
should ever know
all of a woman,

but let him
love me again
with his paintbrush.

What does he see
as he sketches?
Does he notice my arms
thick from doing
my mistress’s laundry?

Does he see my hair
loosened like the grasses
fluttering freely
but still anchored?

He captures the coins
of light on my skin
but he can’t draw
my soul
hidden in my sturdy

He thinks he’s painting
but each stroke
lights the fire
of naked
that I’m smiling about.

Soon I’ll head back
to the steamy washtub
taking the energy
of the afternoon
with me.

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Cindy said...

Wow that is beautiful! That background is incredible. I bet the students books were so much fun. Yes, you definitely should add PS Elements to your repertoire. It is great fun!