Monday, October 4, 2010

My Day

I had a very long and tiring day at school today.  It started this morning when another teacher and I had to give a presentation on writing to all our juniors in the cafeteria.  It went well but I was kind of nervous and it took us days of preparation to put it all together.

After that we retired to our rooms with the students who will be in our room for the state test they'll be taking over the next three days.  We did more writing review with them there. 

At 10:30 the rest of the students arrived and we had all four classes but only for 45 minutes each.  I was pooped by this time.

But it wasn't over.  At the end of the month we are having our ten-year evaluation and today the chairpersons had to meet with the chairman of the visiting team.  He told us everything we have to do over those four days.  It was overwhelming and I was seeing double by the time it was over.

I walked out of school at 3:30 and it was an absolutely beautiful fall day so I went home, changed, and took a walk with my camera through the Smith Hydro Peninsula Park.  I so needed this wonderful fresh air!

Here are some of the pictures of mostly weeds that I took.

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Cindy said...

Even weeds can be beautiful. That looks like the perfect ending to a hectic day. I hope it completely refreshed you.