Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tea, Anyone?

This will be me next week, hopefully!
My friend, Anne, and her two daughters went to Tastefully British, a restaurant in Sarasota, yesterday for tea.
Look at the cute striped cozy,
and pretty tea cups,
and the flowers,
and the lattice,
and, of course, the napkin!

I'm heading to Florida today to visit my mom and will take one day to see Anne and her kids and we'll go to lunch.  I'm going to have a Cornish Pasty.  Haven't had one since I was in England five years ago.
Can't wait!

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Cindy said...

YES! I will have tea! I love it! I love to have shortbread with mine. I love that cozy. I need to make a cozy for my teapot. Tea brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. Before I started to school, I would go with my mom on weekly visits to her friend's house. She always served us tea. I had mostly cream, sugar with a little tea in it. I love the delicious aroma. I still do!