Sunday, December 21, 2008

She's Three Already!

Hard to believe she's getting so old!

Because her greatgrandmother died just before her birthday last year, she never had a second birthday party. So, you can imagine how excited she was for this one. But, then, when we started singing "Happy Birthday" to her, she got all shy and tried to hide her face. Too funny!

I only have about 8 pages left in this journal and it's so thick that I have a hard time taking pictures. That's why it looks so crooked. Plus, we're in the middle of a Nor'easter and the light is terrible. Put that together with the fact that I'm a terrible photographer and I have a fairly cheap camera...


Anonymous said...

Great page! Good pictures!

gel said...

Aw- What a treasure to make this for her! Happy belated birthday to your daughter. :)