Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm sick of all the golden hues of fall and Halloween already. I just had to use a different color and the elegant photo on the left from my friend, Anne, was just the incentive I needed for a purple page.

Kylie's sweet face was on my craft desk and seemed to jump onto the page by itself.

And look at my mom's beautiful handwriting from 1959!


Anonymous said...

Your Mom's note to you and Kylie's sweet face~ Beautiful! Touching! Full of warmth and meaning! So calming!

Simple Journeys said...

It seems your background colors came directly from the flower picture. Adorable Kylie, sweet note!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Kylie's Sweet and Your
Mother's note is too!

You've been creating some
great pages!

God Bless You and Yours!!!