Monday, June 16, 2008

Full Moon?

I was so anxious to see the full moon but all I saw for the next week was clouds!

The kids and I were so disappointed and some of them kind of lost interest in the project. To tell the truth, I did, too, and had to force myself to continue.

You can tell how frustrated I was!

And more clouds!

The sky was clear but there was no moon!

This is the above page flipped up.


kathleen duey said...

This is really lovely.

Ah! thanks!

I am a writer and I have a picture book in the "someday" files that follows the moon cycle and a season cycle. Thank for putting your art here where I get to see it! And thanks for teaching. If the good things in the world survive, it wll be because of the teachers.

Simple Journeys said...

Your frustration must have been growing, but you are is still so descriptive.
I hope you are having a great time at camp. We did a little RVing the past few days. I did several new pages that will be showing up in the days ahead. Amy posted my 'shoes' page for me.