Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm sitting in the car waiting while my husband
and son fuel the airplane. I look around and see
clumps of wildflowers. I feel my fingers tingle

to pick up my camera and press the shutter button.
So, I do just that. I set my Nikon to aperture priority
and skooch down to get as close as possible

to the flowers. It's a cloudy day so unlikely I'll be able
to catch any bokeh but the backgrounds will be soft
and blurry, at least. I look through the viewfinder,

press my finger on the shutter button halfway until
I hear the little ding that signals I've got my flower
in focus, then click. I kneel in the grass. I lie down.

I click and click capturing yellow, lacy white, pink,
gold, purple, tiny daisies with their timeless questions:
he loves me, he loves me not. I marvel at the beauty

to be found on the side of a paved parking lot in the state
of Maine, on a brooding Saturday in August. I head back
to the car, my camera heavy from all that sweetness.


Sheersa Manna said...

the pictures are lovely..! thanks for sharing this.. :) i look forward to see some more :)
do visit my blog once :)

Linda Jacobs said...

thank u for this blog it was really good! I know u put a lot of effort in these blogs and they always come out so beautiful!😍😄❤️❤️
love, Kylie