Monday, April 21, 2014

Erin and Kylie Are Here

Kylie and Michelle just love each other.

Having a fun cookout. First row left to right: Mike, Sally, Gary. Back row: me, Bill and Nancy.

Kylie and Erin taking a camel ride at the Shell Factory.

My sisters and I. Wish my brother had been here, too.

We took a ride up to Venice to meet my friend, Anne, on the right, and her two daughters, Leah and Beth, at a restaurant called Bit o' Boston.

Went to Ponce de Leon park today and Kylie waded in the water.

So happy to have my girls here! Just wish my son and Danielle could have been here, too!


Cindy said...

Kylie is more than wading in the water. She is having some serious fun in that water.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!