Saturday, March 2, 2013

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This is my one little word for the year. It's wicked powerful! No more looking back or looking ahead. This word grounds me in the present and helps me feel grateful for it. I found a slim little stone, wrote "now" on it and keep it in my pocket to remind me to find beauty and contentment in every moment.

That's my high school graduation picture. I tried so hard to straighten my hair. You can even see an indentation on my bangs where I'd had a bobby pin to hold them down. Oh, the things I did to get rid of my curls...ironing...huge rollers...U.N.C.U.R.L....all ineffective!

Kylie's picture from our Christmas tree. She was about three, I think.

I kind of goofed on this one. Tried to use gesso as a white wash over the pictures on the left but it wasn't watered down enough. I quickly grabbed a paper towel but it was too late.

Alissa looked so happy when they were down here in January. She's pregnant, due in July. Maybe a girl this time? We'll find out soon. She had an ultrasound and no male genitals could be seen but it was kind of early so the doctor couldn't verify the sex yet. The picture on the right is from her wedding in September with her husband, Ian, and her two boys, James and River.

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Cindy said...

Ah, the senior picture! Beautiful! My sister has uber curly hair and she practiced all of the machinations you described too. Now, like you, she wears it beautifully curly.