Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Trip

We took off in the boat for a few days this week. I tried taking pictures from the moving boat but it was very choppy. This is Ft. Myers Beach.

We stayed at The Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle Resort on Windley Key.

The place just underwent a huge make over. The grounds were so nice. There are five bars and a couple of pools and clean beach area. Here is one of the bars that looks like a tree house.

Here is a picture of Gary at the pool. I like how he's nicely color coordinated!

And he took one of me. I'm so not photogenic!

We had a really nice time in spite of very choppy seas on the way back. It took us ten hours which is about double the length it should have been! We were so sore and achey the next day. This old body can't take it anymore!


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Cindy said...

Your hair is fabulous! I like how Gary's hat is camoflauged among the beach chairs. I will say it live in paradise!