Thursday, April 19, 2012

Journal Catch-up

Nathan surprised us with an overnight on Gary's birthday.  Here, he took his father's glasses and cap for the picture.

I downloaded an app for my iPad called Photo 365.  Each day I add a picture I took to remind me of what was going on.  I printed out the month of February and glued it onto this page but I know it's hard to see the individual pics.  Cool on the iPad, though.

We bought a boat when we got down here but found out it was just too small for the choppy harbor.  So, we got a bigger one.  So much better!

When my friend, Anne, came down to visit, she brought these vintage photos from 1972 and 1973.

Michelle is turning into such a beautiful young lady!
That's a real shell.  Love the coral color.

Erin...gorgeous in any decade!

Anne's daughter, Leah, entered a contest sponsored by the college where she works.  They had to come up with a quote showing diversity.  She is one of the three finalists!

"Life is not 'one size fits all.'  Don't let the fear of others squeeze you into a smaller-sized life."

She is so wise!


Cindy said...

Your journal pages are always so beautiful. I especially love the pink page with the OPI nail polishes. Plus, I love the pages with the old pictures. Journals are really fantastic treasures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful journal pages as always!