Thursday, February 9, 2012

Full Moon Time

It's been more cloudy than sunny lately so I was worried about getting a photo of this month's full moon.

We sat out on the porch enjoying the beautiful clouds turning colors
and I felt good about getting a moon shot as the clouds dissipated.

And, sure enough, just as it got dark, that old moon peeked out at us.
I grabbed my camera
and, just as I clicked,
my husband accidentally jostled my arm.

We laughed at the outcome.
Then I tried again.
But, without a tripod
this was the result.

A cool mistake!

Have you experienced any cool mistakes lately?


Cindy said...

I actually love both of those. I gazed at the full moon a loooong time the other night. I so love it. It brings me peace. I actually call all of my mistakes 'cool'.

Lisa said...

Your post inspired one of my own. Seems we took aim on the same night.
I like the harbor/city lights in yours.