Friday, November 18, 2011

The Island for Sunday Scribblings: Vote

Kitchen island, that is.

We'd been thinking of getting one for awhile, now, so when we saw one for a decent price at Walmart, we bought it.

Then had to put it together.
It took us about an hour.  Not too bad.

But, when we got it into the kitchen,
we couldn't decide where to put it.
It almost didn't fit.

Gary liked it here:

But, I thought it looked better this way:

Neither of us liked it here:

Or this way:

He voted to put it here:

But it didn't look good from the other direction:

All evening he'd put it one place then I'd change it. 

Then he'd switch it back.

Then I'd move it again.

This morning he tried it like this:
And it felt right!

Phew!  We finally agreed!


Cindy said...

Just from the pix, I like it best the final way too. I can see that it fits best that way.

Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

when only two people vote, it's easy to tie

oldegg said...

It's OK to sit quietly out of use where you finally decided but with castors clearly it can be moved to suit it use even in one of the positions that got the thumbs down.

jaerose said...

This post so made me was lovely to see inside your world (not in a creepy fashion I hope!)..made me feel at home..also love the new look of your site..everything perfectly placed..Jae

Belva Rae Staples said...

The last way is best, but I also like the middle of the room look. The great thing is you can move it anywhere.

Lucy said...

Perfect ! I vote for it that last way too! I loved following along with your pics.Linda.. very cute!!
we have one also that we chose to put in the center of the kitchen.
they are Great aren't they? I wheel it out of the way when I need to vacuum/mop . Also wheel it into the living room as a drink bar on holidays! amazing HOW much stuff it holds! nice to visit you again! been tooooo long! :))

keiths ramblings said...

What a great piece! Looks good wherever you plonk it!