Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Time For Another Full Moon

I went to the beach twice today.

The first time was this afternoon and I rode my bike there.

I only took one picture with my iPhone:
There is a sailboat in the distnace.  That's what I was photographing.  Honest!  It wasn't that guy's naked torso.  Really!

After supper, I drove to the beach so I could catch the rising full moon. 

I was early so started fooling around with my camera taking pictures of the setting sun.

I had my Nikon with me this time and was trying to focus in on the grasses so the backgrounds would be all blurry. 

Then I turned around and there was that big pink moon already up!

It was so pale, it was barely noticable!

I took about 30 pictures and they were all about the same with the moon getting smaller and higher but brighter.

On my way back, I turned around and played around a bit more.

Good bye, Moon!


Cindy said...

I can't quite giggling about that man in the picture. He probably thought you were taking his picture. LOL. The moon has been breathtaking the last couple of nights. I love your pink moon. I have never seen a pink moon. We get a lot of deep orange ones here. Probably air pollution. ;)

Lisa said...

You photos are stunning as always...and I am NOT referring to the bare torso!! No, really. ;) We were hoping for some baby action from that full moon.....but not yet.....

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Lovely photos, I enjoy both viewing and taking photos of the moon and was out with my camera again the other night as well.
Thanks for your recent comment on News from Italy, do hope you will be calling by again.