Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Pics

We started by stopping at the Moonbeam Cafe, again.  I got a kick out of the old-fashioned toilet!

I had the special: steak bomb omelet.  Yummy!
I took a walk on the beach and saw this cross-country skier gliding along.

Lots of big shells everywhere.

A turkey on the side of the road.

The train station in North Conway. 

It was nice to get out of town for an overnight in the middle of winter.  We stayed at a Residence Inn right in the Old Port in Portland, Maine and walked around.  We ended up eating at J's Oyster House.  Every February, for happy hour, they pass out free oysters with lemon and cocktail sauce.  I don't eat them, myself, so Gary was happy to take care of mine for me.

I had shrimp scampi for supper and it was so good!

We walked back to our hotel in a snow storm.

Fun time!

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Cindy said...

Everything about your weekend trip looks and sounds magical! I especially love the turkey! He is so pretty!