Sunday, October 26, 2008

Talk About Messing Up!

I can't believe I wrote the wrong day on this!

And that "like" is a mess! I don't use stamps very often. These are those acrylic ones that come with a clear block. I put the four letters on the block, inked them, but when I turned it over, the "I" flopped sideways covering part of the "K" and I didn't notice it until it was on the page. We'll call it a learning experience!

When I came out of the library, the clouds had cleared away after a day of rain and it was just so pretty sitting there under a blue sky that I had to take a picture. It's an old building, as you can see, and way too small, but beautiful. The air conditioner and windows are new since the last time I was there but, other than a few computers, it was just like I remembered it.


sarala said...

I like your journals. I've been playing at journaling but haven't posted any as yet.

splummer said...

I love your Journal! It's awesome! Was wondering what you use as your Journal? They are beautiful! Take Care!!


Simple Journeys said...

What?!?! 30 years?!?! You best be using that new card all the time now! Libraries (and librarians) are our friends! I fell out when I read your business address! We have lots of old registration cards on file too. I guess small-town libraries are pretty much the same everywhere. That is somehow comforting.

Simple Journeys said...

Whew! I'm glad you straightened me out on that library thing. I had you pegged as a library groupie, being the teacher/poet/journaler that you are, so I was confused until you explained it was your childhood library!