Friday, August 15, 2008

I Love This Poem!

This is one of those pages that I had high hopes for but that let me down. I mean, it's okay but just didn't pop out and smile at me like I thought it would.

Whenever I paint the background on my pages, I stick a couple of scrap pieces of paper behind them. I reuse them and the present one was getting actually quite pretty so I decided to use it as the border for this spread. Somehow, it just didn't look so pretty when I got it on there.

Then I made a mess outlining the Emerson poem. The red got on my little finger and I smeared it everywhere.

Finally, I just stopped working on it and said to hell with it. Time to move on to a new page.


Simple Journeys said...

Love the border! Sorry about the ink smudges..........

Anonymous said...

This page looks good to me. If it's perfect then it has no character...I see the content, and the artist/creator.

Playitsam said...

I love your journal. I'm still struggling to get to the point where I can journal artistically.