Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hats, Handbags, and Heels

This is the result of the banner swap hosted by Lisa. What fun and the pennants are fabulous!

From left to right:

Amy's. Beautiful collage! Love the pearls at the bottom and the old-fashioned flavor to this!

Cindy T's. There is such life and vibrancy here! Love the added jewel as an earring and the way you put her purse on her wrist!

Cindy L's. This has a great 3-D golden purse on it! The lace adds a flirty bit and the old name card just makes it!

Mine: I really need to practice collage!

Lisa's. Love the mesh material added to her dress, the lace under the hat, and the sparklies on the purse. Very lighthearted with the lipstick and perfume!


Cindy said...

Linda, love, love, love your idea of using black for your pennants. That really makes them pop! It was so fab fun! Hope we can do it again.

Simple Journeys said...

Linda, how fun it is to see the same pennants that were on my table now displayed on yours! Wasn't it fun deciding in what order to put them? I enjoyed your comments on each, too! I like the pearls you added to your completed banner. Fun, fun!